Gold Prospectors Association of Tucson

The Gold Prospectors Association of Tucson (GPAT) is a gold prospecting club in Tucson Arizona. GPAT is affiliated with the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA), a nationwide organization. This affiliation allows us, as a club, to utilize all of GPAA's Gold Claims. We also have access to private (club member owned) claims within an easy driving distance of Tucson and more available in the state of Arizona. We are a family-oriented organization. Many of our members bring their spouses & children to all of our outings. GPAT is a non-profit organization. ALL Officers are volunteers and receive no remuneration. ALL operating funds are raised by the sale of memberships, prospecting related items, and by the raffling of GOLD & merchandise at our monthly meetings and at our group outings.


We are having meetings every month now. 

See below for meeting time and location.


The Only GPAA Affiliated Club in Tucson

Interested in joining GPAT?


Third Wednesday of every month from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


VFW #4903 Hall

5310 E. Bellevue St. 

Tucson, AZ 

This is one block north of Speedway and about a block and half west of Craycroft. 

Current Raffle

Stay tuned for the next big raffle!

GOLD - We Dig It! 



Membership - Breaking News!

Due to changes within the GPAA organization, many claims that were previously reimbursed by GPAA, have been dropped! GPAT has recently decided to re-acquire many of those claims, and is developing new claims. These costs are substantial, and therefore, membership in the GPAT club is now available for the low cost of $50 per year. No extra charge for family memberships. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings and may participate in almost all activities, including Raffles. The only restrictions on visitors are that they cannot hold office, cannot vote in GPAT elections and can only utilize GPAT Gold Claims or participate in GPAT Outings as a guest of a GPAT member. There are always members available to sponsor guests, especially first-timers. Come as a Visitor and if you decide that you would be interested in Recreational Gold Prospecting, we will be glad to sign you up as a GPAT member. As a GPAT Member, you will have access to ALL of the GPAT Gold Claims in Southern Arizona, as well as some north of the Phoenix area. Locations for GPAT claims will be made available on printed media. In the future, claim locations may be available in electronic KML (Google Earth).